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Toronto Trip Information

January 14-16

Hotel: Toronto Hilton – 145 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Canada

Tel:1/416/8693456, Fax:1/416/8693187


Departure: Friday, January 14, 2000

The bus will depart from the parking lot a Medaille at PROMPTLY 6:00pm

Please bring $2 cash per person for a gratuity for the bus driver. Patti Pierce will collect this when you get on the bus.

We will arrive in Toronto at approximately 8:30

Return: Sunday, January 16, 2000

Check-out is at 12:30pm – all luggage may be placed in storage for the afternoon.

The bus will leave the hotel at 6:00pm arriving home at approximately 8:30pm


2 forms of photo ID OR

a driver’s license and birth certificate, Social Security Card, or Voters Registration Card

Other Important Info:

The hotel has a swimming pool and a gym

Outdoor ice rink is walking distance from the hotel

Money exchange is available but remember that in most cases, your credit cards give the best rate and some restaurants and shops give 40%-50% which is at or above the rate at exchanges without the fee.

Be prepared to walk, take the subway, or cabs. The bus will not be staying with us.

Dress for weekend performances tends to be casual (NO JEANS) but Tony & Tina’s is a Saturday evening wedding (‘nuf said)

Weather tends to be colder than Buffalo but remember that you will be inside for a large portion of the weekend and they tend to keep the thermostat high! Light clothes and heavy coats seem to work well.

Maps, attractions, and additional information will be available at the hotel.

Feel free to ask Maria, Fran, Patti, Gloria, or Tim if you have any questions. The hotel does have a concierge available also.

Your balance must be paid in full by THURSDAY, January 13! We will not be handling payments the day of the trip! You may contact Maria by pager, 552-4688 (enter your phone number and then press #), if you have any emergencies prior to the trip.

Additional info will be posted on the ESC website as needed